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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do on the second day of your Amsterdam itinerary?

On the second day on your Amsterdam, Paris, London itinerary, after having your breakfast, you will travel towards the following places: Nearest underground station to aim for as a starting point: London Bridge or Tower Gateway. Tower Bridge is a great glass architecture which one must explore.

Can you do Amsterdam from London?

You can also do Amsterdam day trips from London as well as tours to Amsterdam from London. This would allow you to then change your itinerary to a London, Amsterdam, Paris itinerary. If you have been wanting to do 10 days London Paris itinerary, you are in luck as you also get the addition of Amsterdam without too much effort.

What to do in Amsterdam in winter?

So this guide on things to do in Amsterdam in winter will hopefully tempt you to add this city on your list of winter breaks. The winter cold most especially in December are the perfect time to visit the Dutch capital. During this period, when nights are cold and cozy, food is fresh and hearty, and the city brightens up in fairy Christmas lights.

When is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

The Amsterdam Light Festival is one of the most prominent highlights of the winter months in Amsterdam. This seasonal festival is held every year, mostly starting on 29th November and stretches into 20th January of the following year.

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