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Frequently Asked Questions

What is itsallbee travel blog?

ItsAllBee Travel Blog started out as a way to showcase where I was and keep friends and family updated on my travels and before long, the blog had its own following. Here we are a decade later and the blog has grown to over 100k readers a month.

How do you behave in Germany as a tourist?

Respect the rules. Germans like to play by the rules, and when you’re on their turf, so should you. For starters, always wait for the traffic light to go green before crossing the road. People will disapprove and shake their heads at jaywalking, so practice a little discipline and respect the code of conduct.

Where will you spend your German holiday?

You’ll spend your trip (s) gazing out of the window, for Germany has some fabulous scenery: through the Black Forest and the Bavarian Alps or along the Rhine. Der Weg ist das Ziel, as they say in Germany, meaning roughly “the journey is the destination”.

Why travel to Germany?

For centuries the epic beauty of Germany’s landscapes has inspired artists, and its national parks highlight some of the country's best outdoor spaces. Prepare to be wowed by Germany's soul-stirring scenery, beautiful big cities and quaint half-timbered towns.

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