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Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring to Rome Italy?

Always carry cash Italy still largely functions on a cash economy, so be sure to carry cash with you during your time in Rome. Coins, or spicci, are especially welcome at cafés small shops so hold on to your Euros – they’re a precious commodity here.

How to get to the beach in Rome by bus?

Take your bus ticket straight to the beach Speaking of public transportation, your €1.50 ticket is also valid on the local commuter trains in Rome, including a line that goes straight to the beach. You can catch a train at the Piramide Metro Station that will take you directly to Ostia Lido, Rome’s local beach.

What are the best things to do in Rome?

Local house wine is one of the greatest things about dining out in Rome and across Italy: not only is it extremely affordable, it’s usually quite decent. House wine is available in red or white and you can usually order a a quarter, a half or full litre of wine for under €10. 20. Enjoy free-flowing water

How safe is Rome for travel?

The city is very safe but petty crime is rampant, especially on crowded buses and metros. Thieves in Rome are stealthy, so always keep your bags zipped and held in front of you; wallets should ideally be tucked in your inner jacket pockets. Some thieves also snatch entire bags, so keep them in close reach at all times.

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