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Frequently Asked Questions

What does QF stand for?

Acronym Definition QF Qatar Foundation QF Quail Forever QF Quality Factor QF Qantas Airways Ltd (Australia, IATA airl ... 14 more rows ...

What are the legal benefits of a QF?

QFs may enjoy certain benefits under Federal, State, and local laws. The benefits that are conferred upon QFs by Federal law generally fall into three categories: The right to sell energy or capacity to a utility. The right to purchase certain services from utilities.

What does QF 22 mean in medical coding?

QF Meaning 22 QF Qualifying Facility Energy, Gas, Oil Energy, Gas, Oil 19 QF Quality Factor Nuclear, Medical, Radiology Nuclear, Medical, Radiology 8 QF Quarter-Final+ 1 variant

What is a qualified power facility (QF)?

Small power production facilities of any size that are designated as "eligible" under section 3 (17) (E) of the FPA. QFs 20 MW or smaller. QFs making sales pursuant to a contract executed on or before March 17, 2006. QFs making sales pursuant to a state regulatory authority's implementation of section 210 of PURPA.

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